(SA). Analogies are commonly used in an informal way when people make judgmental forecasts. In general, formalizing the techniques used by experts has been shown to increase accuracy (e.g., see Chapter 6 in Long-Range Forecasting.) Structured analogies involves domain experts selecting situations that are similar to a target situation, describing the similarities and differences, and providing an overall similarity rating for each similar (analogous) situation. The outcomes of the analogous situations are then used to forecast the outcome of the target situation. The analogous situations' outcomes can be weighted to forecast a target situation decision or to assign probabilities to possible decisions. The SA method can be used for situations where an unaided expert would need to think through several rounds of interaction between parties in conflict in order to make a forecast. To date, however, little research has been done on the use of SA for this purpose. SA depends on the availability of situations that are similar to the target. Simulated interaction does not have this limitation. SA is related to Case-Based Reasoning.