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What's New about Delphi Decision Aid!
J. Scott Armstrong
Sept 9, 2004

The Delphi freeware has been updated to make it easier to use and more versatile. If you have suggestions as to additional changes you would like to see, contact Scott Armstrong. With the new version, administrators can now:

  1. ask text only questions.
  2. ask questions without also requiring confidence intervals.
  3. see anonymous results when round is complete.
  4. view current anonymous results along with comments as the round is in process.
  5. identify which experts have responded so that reminders will not be sent to them.
The new version is also kinder to the expert panel. Experts can:
  1. receive invitation e-mail without logon. Just use the link.
  2. find a lost invitation "Experts: Lost invitation e-mail? Click here to have it resent!"